Yoghurt & Labneh

Nissi Labneh & yogurt has a unique original taste, which makes all the difference. It is produced in Greece & Cyprus, from fresh and pure A Grade cow’s milk. It is rich in calcium, and suitable for cooking multiple recipes. 100% natural, it has no preservatives or additives.

Nissi Greek Yogurt 400g
1.300 BD 1.300 BD 1.3 BHD
Produced from the highest quality free range cows milk adhering to traditional methods of Greek strained yogurt. The result is a wonderfully rich and creamy product that is naturally high in protein. A perfect snack idea it to be drizzled with honey chopped nuts and fresh fruit.
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Greek Double Strained Yogurt kg
3.500 BD 3.500 BD 3.5 BHD
Traditional Greek yogurt but strained twice! The result is an exceptionally thick and delicious yogurt- perfect for marinations of chicken gyros and other greek dips such as Tzatziki.