Greek Cucumbers Cornichons (Gherkins) in Brine 250g
0.450 BD 0.450 BD 0.45 BHD
Cucumbers Cornichons (Gherkins) in brine is a great way to enhance your appetizer experience - on top of pizza’s, pasta or salads or for different uses of garnish on finished meals. Our Authentic High Quality Greek antipasti selection is the perfect addition or replacement to your every day ingredients.
Greek Mediterranean Mustard Mild 300g
1.500 BD 1.500 BD 1.5 BHD

50% Discount


A mild Greek mustard made with extra virgin olive oil and laced with oregano and thyme!
Greek Organic Salt Shaker 280g
0.900 BD 0.900 BD 0.9 BHD
This sparkling pyramid-shaped salt crystals with the addition oregano zest combine a perfectly balanced flavour with a distinctive aroma. Use this delightful product as a finishing salt or at the end of cooking.
Nissi Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml
2.500 BD 2.500 BD 2.5 BHD
Nissi by Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Premium product.
A special combination of koroneiki and manaki varieties with pleasant spiciness, rich fruity taste and golden colour. A superior category of Greek olive oil which obtained directly from olives solely by mechanical methods.