Greek Barley Rusk 400g
1.750 BD 1.750 BD 1.75 BHD


Nissi have chosen its rusks to be made in Crete. The rusks constitute an integral part of the diet of the Greeks and particularly, of the nutritional tradition of Cretan people. Nissi offers Traditional Cretan oven rusks made with Wheat flour and sour dough without preservatives, with high content in edible fibres and low content in sugars.
Greek Pumpkin Seeds Kernels 250g
1.975 BD 1.975 BD 1.975 BHD
Organic Cretan Grape Syrup
4.900 BD 4.900 BD 4.9 BHD
Organic 100% Concentrated Grape from organic sultanas grapes. UNHEATED ORGANIC GRAPE SYRUP- is a natural sweeter that makes traditional dishes of Crete but also it can be used as an ingredient in recipes of European or International Cuisines! Truy its special flabour by drinking it raw or by pouring it into green salads, meat or sweets, but add it to cookery or pastry recipes!
Xinomizthra Soft Cheese 250g
2.250 BD 2.250 BD 2.25 BHD
Xinomizithra, or Xynomyzithra, is a Greek whey cheese with some added milk; it is a sour variant of Mizithra, and made from sheep, cow, & goat's milk.
The proportion of full-cream milk is about 15%. It is mainly produced on the island of Crete but other areas in Greece also produce it.