Greek Nissi Organic Feta 200g
1.750 BD 1.750 BD 1.75 BHD
Feta was given PDO status or "protected designation of origin" status in the European Union. This designation maintains that feta can only be made in a traditional way within certain areas of Greece with milk from sheep & goats from the local area.
Dry Salami 260g
5.100 BD 5.100 BD 5.1000000000000005 BHD
100% Halal Beef Sausage & Salami from Cyprus
Greek Organic Salt Shaker 280g
0.900 BD 0.900 BD 0.9 BHD
This sparkling pyramid-shaped salt crystals with the addition oregano zest combine a perfectly balanced flavour with a distinctive aroma. Use this delightful product as a finishing salt or at the end of cooking.
Hungarian Greek Salami 220g
2.600 BD 2.600 BD 2.6 BHD
100% Halal Beef Sausage & Salami from Cyprus
Nissi Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml
2.500 BD 2.500 BD 2.5 BHD
Nissi by Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Premium product.
A special combination of koroneiki and manaki varieties with pleasant spiciness, rich fruity taste and golden colour. A superior category of Greek olive oil which obtained directly from olives solely by mechanical methods.
Organic Greek Nissi Kalamon Olives Large 250g
0.700 BD 0.700 BD 0.7000000000000001 BHD
These olives are beautifully almond-shaped, found in Peloponnese mainly in Messenia and Laconia. They have no preservatives, only vinegar and brine and they are very crunchy and fresh. Organically sourced these are true Kalamata varieties that will impress any Olives fan!