Cypriot Caper Leaves 250g
3.800 BD 3.800 BD 3.8000000000000003 BHD
Caper leaves, which are hard to find outside of Greece or Cyprus, are used particularly in salads and fish dishes. They are pickled or boiled and preserved in jars with brine - like caper buds.
Cypriot Caperberries 250g
3.300 BD 3.300 BD 3.3000000000000003 BHD
caper berry. The fruit can be pickled and then served as a Greek mezze of which often used as a seasoning, usually consumed pickled capers are a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, especially Cypriot, Italian, Aeolian and Maltese.
Greek Balsamic Cream Orange & Lemon 250ml
1.700 BD 1.700 BD 1.7 BHD
Real orange preserve & natural lemon essential oil. Bright yellow, with a thickish but velvety texture & orange bits to tickle the palate.
Greek Mini Barley Carob Rusk 300g
2.900 BD 2.900 BD 2.9 BHD
Small barley rusks from Crete with high content in edible fibres and low content in sugars.
Greek Organic Dried Oregano Jar 250g
3.600 BD 3.600 BD 3.6 BHD
100% dried Organic Oregano herbs
Greek Organic Salt Shaker 280g
0.900 BD 0.900 BD 0.9 BHD
This sparkling pyramid-shaped salt crystals with the addition oregano zest combine a perfectly balanced flavour with a distinctive aroma. Use this delightful product as a finishing salt or at the end of cooking.
Greek Thyme Honey 320g
4.300 BD 4.300 BD 4.3 BHD
Easy to distinct due to its intense aroma, great taste and shimmering appearance. A various thyme nectars, that can be found in the Mediterranean landscape, produce this unique delicacy.
Xinomizthra Soft Cheese 250g
2.250 BD 2.250 BD 2.25 BHD
Xinomizithra, or Xynomyzithra, is a Greek whey cheese with some added milk; it is a sour variant of Mizithra, and made from sheep, cow, & goat's milk.
The proportion of full-cream milk is about 15%. It is mainly produced on the island of Crete but other areas in Greece also produce it.