Nissi Greek Yogurt 400g
1.300 BD 1.300 BD 1.3 BHD
Produced from the highest quality free range cows milk adhering to traditional methods of Greek strained yogurt. The result is a wonderfully rich and creamy product that is naturally high in protein. A perfect snack idea it to be drizzled with honey chopped nuts and fresh fruit.
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Greek Thyme Honey 320g
4.300 BD 4.300 BD 4.3 BHD
Easy to distinct due to its intense aroma, great taste and shimmering appearance. A various thyme nectars, that can be found in the Mediterranean landscape, produce this unique delicacy.
Greek Prunes Large 250g
1.675 BD 1.675 BD 1.675 BHD
Greek Strawberry without Sugar 200g
2.140 BD 2.140 BD 2.14 BHD
Greek Nectarine without Sugar 230g
5.000 BD 5.000 BD 5.0 BHD
Greek Pecans Glass Jar, 120g
2.450 BD 2.450 BD 2.45 BHD
Greek Raw Almonds Glass Jar, 160g
2.200 BD 2.200 BD 2.2 BHD