Greek Balsamic Cream Classic 250ml
1.700 BD 1.700 BD 1.7 BHD
Balsamic Cream with Greek fig extract. Dark brown, with rich, lasting aromas of dried fig, which can also be felt on the palate. Its intense, pleasantly sweet character is accentuated by the acidity of the vinegar.
Greek Organic Dried Oregano 250g
3.600 BD 3.600 BD 3.6 BHD
100% dried Organic Oregano herbs
Nissi Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml
2.500 BD 2.500 BD 2.5 BHD
Nissi by Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Premium product.
A special combination of koroneiki and manaki varieties with pleasant spiciness, rich fruity taste and golden colour. A superior category of Greek olive oil which obtained directly from olives solely by mechanical methods.
Organic Cretan Vine Leaves in Water
4.900 BD 4.900 BD 4.9 BHD
These delicious and large vine leaves are picked from organic farms in Cretan farms! The are stored in WATER not Brine like most commercial products! Making them much healthier for our lives! They will change your taste of any stuffed vine leaves you have ever had in your kitchen! These leaves from cretan grapes do no Need for scalding- rinse well and use the product in your dishes.
Greek Organic Salt Shaker 280g
0.900 BD 0.900 BD 0.9 BHD
This sparkling pyramid-shaped salt crystals with the addition oregano zest combine a perfectly balanced flavour with a distinctive aroma. Use this delightful product as a finishing salt or at the end of cooking.
Organic Cretan Grape Syrup
4.900 BD 4.900 BD 4.9 BHD
Organic 100% Concentrated Grape from organic sultanas grapes. UNHEATED ORGANIC GRAPE SYRUP- is a natural sweeter that makes traditional dishes of Crete but also it can be used as an ingredient in recipes of European or International Cuisines! Truy its special flabour by drinking it raw or by pouring it into green salads, meat or sweets, but add it to cookery or pastry recipes!