Nissi Greek Yogurt 400g
1.300 BD 1.300 BD 1.3 BHD
Produced from the highest quality free range cows milk adhering to traditional methods of Greek strained yogurt. The result is a wonderfully rich and creamy product that is naturally high in protein. A perfect snack idea it to be drizzled with honey chopped nuts and fresh fruit.
Greek Coconut Milk 1Ltr
1.800 BD 1.800 BD 1.8 BHD


Incredible sugar-free plant based milks from our favourite Greek Diary & non dairy producer OLYMPUS!!!
Greek Organic Dried Oregano Jar 250g
3.600 BD 3.600 BD 3.6 BHD
100% dried Organic Oregano herbs
Greek Wholegrain Tahini 500g
3.250 BD 3.250 BD 3.25 BHD
100% Greek Wholegrain Tahini pressed giving a beautiful earthy taste and smooth rich texture.
Organic Cretan Grape Syrup
4.900 BD 4.900 BD 4.9 BHD
Organic 100% Concentrated Grape from organic sultanas grapes. UNHEATED ORGANIC GRAPE SYRUP- is a natural sweeter that makes traditional dishes of Crete but also it can be used as an ingredient in recipes of European or International Cuisines! Truy its special flabour by drinking it raw or by pouring it into green salads, meat or sweets, but add it to cookery or pastry recipes!
Organic Cretan White Balsamic Vinegar
3.800 BD 3.800 BD 3.8000000000000003 BHD
Organic 100% White Balsamic Vinegar now has an important place in our daily diet. It is produced by organic sultana grapes. It is special for its delicate aroma, rich taste and mild acidity. Try it in salads, marinades, sauces or meat and show up the taste of your creations!
Organic Himalaya Salt Shaker 280g
1.000 BD 1.000 BD 1.0 BHD
Himalayan Chef Himalayan pink salt is unique because we are committed to sustainable sourcing.
Himalayan pink salt is mined without blasting, to prevent any explosive residue in the salt.
Addition of a pinch of pink salt to your beverages improves hydration.
It contains 84 trace minerals vital for wellbeing.
Raw, Vegan, GMO free, gluten free and naturally rich in trace minerals.
Easy-to-use shaker is handy for seasoning, cooking and grilling.affected by irritations.