Greek Nissi Organic Feta 200g
1.750 BD 1.750 BD 1.75 BHD
Feta was given PDO status or "protected designation of origin" status in the European Union. This designation maintains that feta can only be made in a traditional way within certain areas of Greece with milk from sheep & goats from the local area.
Greek Blanched Almonds Roasted 250g
2.413 BD 2.413 BD 2.4130000000000003 BHD
Greek Cherry without Sugar 250g
3.675 BD 3.675 BD 3.6750000000000003 BHD
Greek Dark Cherry without Sugar 250g
5.000 BD 5.000 BD 5.0 BHD
Greek Mediterranean Mustard with Honey 200g
1.500 BD 1.500 BD 1.5 BHD



Rich, pleasant flavour with aromatic herbs & unique ingredients in transparent "squeeze" packaging to easily & quickly enjoy as much as you wish. Made with "Kalamata Papadimitriou" balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, 8% honey content & without artificial colourings.
Greek Nectarine without Sugar 230g
5.000 BD 5.000 BD 5.0 BHD
Raw Cashews 250g
4.188 BD 4.188 BD 4.188 BHD