Greek Dry Anthotiros 200g
2.000 BD 2.000 BD 2.0 BHD
Semi-hard white cheese with solid mass, rough surface and no cuts. Pleasant salty taste with rich aroma
Greek Graviera Black Truffle 100g
2.050 BD 2.050 BD 2.05 BHD
The graviera cheese with black truffle is a unique and distinct kind of yellow hard cheese. It holds a special place on the Greek kitchen table as it is the second most popular cheese following Feta. It is made from pasteurized sheep and goat milk made with the unique traditional cheese processes from Epirus. Distinguished by a notable sweet taste it can be a perfect accompaniment for every meal as well as used in the cooking process.
Greek Organic Dried Oregano Jar 250g
3.600 BD 3.600 BD 3.6 BHD
100% dried Organic Oregano herbs